9 Indoor Plants To Spruce Up Your Work-From-Home Space

Source:  @leafandlolo

Source: @leafandlolo

Looking for a new way to spruce up your home office space? Indoor plants are a great way to decorate. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they share so many benefits like increasing productivity, improving health and generating happiness - talk about the perfect coworker!

Breathing is an essential part of living and plants not only provide us with more oxygen, allowing us to breath easier, but they purify the air too. Sensitivity to dryness? These green friends help increase humidity levels which help calm allergies, dry skin, itchy eyes, and sore throats. That’s not all, they’ve proven to lower stress and anxiety while increasing optimism and stability. Studies have even found a 15% increase in productivity when added to the workplace. Thanks mother nature!

Ready to turn your office into your own Secret Garden? Here are a couple of options to help you get started:

Golden Pothos

These popular air purifiers are perfect hanging plants and are pretty flexible when it comes to light, though moderate indirect light is ideal. Let the soil dry out completely between waterings and fertilize monthly to bi-monthly. They’re also great to propagate and share with friends.

Aloe Vera

Source:  @dianafvmoore

These medicinal healers like a lot of light and warmth. Being apart of the succulent family, keep the soil dry for best results. Apply the plant to heal burns and cuts or to help moisturize the skin for a healthy glow.

Spider Plant

Source:  @crazyplantguy

Flexible with their lighting demands, these fun patterned plants prefer medium to bright light. These air purifying warriors like to be watered every 10-14 days. They’re also great to propagate and share the love.


Source:  @afroliage

Source: @afroliage

Filtered indoor light is the sweet spot for this plant. Dracaenas require less water than most indoor plants, and love a good misting. Beware of fluoride toxicity and switch to purified water if leaves start to brown.

Snake Plant

Source:  @myplantgang

Source: @myplantgang

Attention all brown thumbs, this is the plant for you. These mother-in-law’s tongues grow well in a range of lighting conditions, but prefer indirect sunlight. Less is more here when it comes to watering.

Rubber Tree

Source:  @kvsvei

Source: @kvsvei

These dark green giants can grow up to 8 ft. tall, but you can prune to keep to your preferred size. Allow the surface of the soil to dry out in between watering and keep your tree in medium to bright light.

English Ivy

Source:  @plantroost

Source: @plantroost

Though Ivies enjoy cool nights and humid environments, they prefer consistent temperatures and don’t like too much fluctuation. Keep their soil moist and place in bright indirect light for best results.

Succulents and Cacti

Source:  @aaroinkgardens

Lovers of bright light, less is more when it comes to watering with this breed. Once you find the right home for them, they’re pretty self sufficient.

Peace Lily

Source:  @_albertpang_

Blooming with beautiful white flowers, these air purifiers prefer light-partial shade and water once a week. These plants are pretty resilient. You will be surprised at how quickly they can revive when you water them if they start to droop.

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Worried about keeping your plants alive? Here are a few tips to help keep your green thumb status in good standing.

  • Lighting is key and it may take a few tries to find their perfect home in your home.

  • The easiest way to kill a plant is overwatering, get to know your plants hydration sweet spot. Most plants like to let the water flow through their homes, so be wary of pots without a drainage hole in order to prevent root rot.

  • Keep them away from cooling or heating vents, as most plants like consistent temperatures.

  • Some plants are toxic to fur-babies, if you have a four legged plant eater, check out these animal safe options.

Jenny Lambert is the head of production for a Los Angeles-based beauty brand who is currently side hustling to achieve her certification in nutrition and yoga teaching. She shares her passion for wellness and self-care in her posts for The Scope and loves living the LA lifestyle with her husband, cat and plants. Connect with her on Instagram and LinkedIn.