Celebrate Your Independent Work

Here at The Scope we are constantly celebrating our independence through the work we create for our clients, the community of like-minded hustlers we connect with and the freedom to turn our passions into our careers. Today, we're highlighting our favorite posts from our team of contributors to hit the site so far. 

Freelance Creators: 3 Reasons To Get Your Drone Pilot's License

Our technology contributor, Jared Serfozo, is a videographer and digital expert who is continuously expanding services he can provide his clients. One service that almost every client asks for: drone video. If you're a content creator, learn more about the benefits of getting your drone pilot's license in Jared's post.


Reset The Workday With These Five Mental Breaks

Jenny Lambert is full-time producer for a beauty company who is actively side hustling to get her health coach certification and yoga teacher training to pursue her passion for health and wellness. In this post, she shares her personal tips for reseting the workday with mental breaks you can practice on your own terms. 

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How To Determine Your Hourly Rate As A Freelancer

Our founder, Audrey Adair, is a freelance communications consultant specializing in the video game industry. She started The Scope to provide this growing community with direct answers to the questions you need to confidently start and grow your independent careers. One of the questions she's asked the most is: How do I determine my hourly rate? And in this post, she answers just that.


The First Year: Why I Started Freelancing

New to freelancing, Bri Anderson is a social media and digital consultant (The Scope is actually one of her clients!). In her first article on the site, she shares how she gained the confidence to trust her gut and start her freelancing career. 


What do you think of the posts we've shared on The Scope so far? Any topics you want to see more of? Let us know in the comments!