Pro Tips To Help Entrepreneurs Find Success With Instagram

One of the challenges entrepreneurs are constantly facing is how to effectively utilize Instagram to help market their business.

In an area where it feels practically mandatory to have a presence but can seem equally impossible to make an impact: How can freelancers, coaches and small business owners use Instagram to actually connect with potential clients?

And let’s be real, not feel defeated by a stupid algorithm.

Audrey at the GIrlboss Rally on UCLA campus

Audrey at the GIrlboss Rally on UCLA campus

I was recently invited to attend the Girlboss Rally here in Los Angeles where entrepreneurial women gathered to connect with and learn from thought leaders and influencers in business.

Instagram was a hot, almost irritating, topic throughout the course of the weekend. If anything was obvious it’s that EVERYONE is feeling the woes and frustrations of the algorithm and the decline in engagement on their content. You’re not alone!

If you’re feeling like you’re in an Insta-rut and that nothing you try generates results, here’s a recap of all the knowledge I gathered during the Girlboss Rally from speakers on how to get the social media platform to work for your business.

Create a data-driven content strategy for your account.

Meaning, look at the content you’ve posted in the past, identify your high-performance posts and do more of that.

If it’s pictures of your face, post more pics of your face. If it’s flatlays, post more flatlays.

If likes and engagement are what you want more of, post more of what people already like seeing and utilize those posts to share more about you and your business.

Implement these three C’s into your strategy: Content Segmentation, Consistency, and Community.

Content Segmentation

Echoing my earlier point, creating segments will not only help curate high performing content, it will generate familiarity with your account that followers can easily identify.


This could be the most vital and under-executed tactic for Instagram success. If you’re not posting on a daily basis (at least once per day according to most speakers), the algorithm will not work in your favor.

The use of stories is another huge driver for engagement. Create consistent stories with recurring programming (for example: Tuesday Tips or Follow Fridays) that your followers can look forward to coming back for.

Keep a consistent tone of voice and visual aesthetics to connect with your followers and help them feel part of the conversation.


We all know that community is important, but how can we really connect with our audience and ultimately grow it?

Start by creating a dialogue. Ask questions in your posts, utilize polls in your stories, let your followers have a choice in something you’re creating. In other words, get social with social media!

It’s also important to spread the love with your community and return those sought after likes and comments. If someone takes time to engage with your content, engage with theirs.

And while you’re at it, be genuine. Stop commenting with the one word replies and heart eye emojis. Put a little effort into it and share a thoughtful comment that adds value to the conversation people are looking to create, too.

Share what you know everyday.

This tip comes from my favorite session from the entire weekend. Business coach and photographer, Jasmine Star, started her workshop by sharing, “I don’t believe in hacks, I believe in hard work.” And it was so obvious that she put a ton of hard work into her entire presentation.

I have to stop and give praise where it’s due because out of all the panels and workshops I attended, hers was the most structured, backed with passion and gave tried and true advice that attendees could actually start activating right away.

She also made it very clear that the key to Instagram success isn’t a hack or trick you have to unlock, but taking the tactics and advice that were being shared and actually putting them to work.

Start by sharing something you know with your audience everyday. That could be photography tips or lessons learned from freelancing. Whatever it is you know, show up on Instagram everyday and share it with your followers.

Jasmine chose the topics she shares with her 301K followers by writing down the top ten questions people were asking her and narrowing it down even further to the top three. From there, she made free downloads to provide when those questions were asked to also grow her email list and continue engaging with people there.

What’s obvious or common knowledge to you could be the exact advice someone else was looking for. Put your knowledge out there and connect with people looking for what you can provide them.



Write a boss bio.

Another tip from Jasmine was to write a bio that immediately grabs a person’s attention and makes them want to know more about you.

Here are her tips:

  • Get focused with your title

  • List the benefits of following you

  • Who is your account for? Get specific

  • Contact/location information 

  • Party favor - give a gift, get a connection 

Create captivating captions.

Lastly, your captions should achieve three things: hook your audience, provide them with insights and call them to action. 

We all want our captions to compel our followers to comment or click the #linkinbio. According to Jasmine, captions with these three tools are what help her continue to engage with and grow her audience.

No matter what kind of business you have, make a commitment to put these tips into motion and stick to it. Remember, none of these tips will work without consistency.

I'm not talking about for a couple of days or even a week. Commit to at least a full month of putting these tips in action and see where it takes your business. And yes, that means committing to posting at least once a day for an entire month.

You’ve got this! And if you need some extra support, comment with your IG handle and let’s support each other along the way.