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  • Expertise in your field: We’re always looking for people with knowledge in making freelance life a little easier. If you’re a tax pro with tips on what we can write off, a marketing expert with tips for discovering new clients on social media or a lawyer who can share guidance for understanding contract lingo - we’d love to hear from you! Example article

  • Taking on the first year: Lessons learned, how you landed your first client, tips for managing savings - you name it! If it’s something that happened during your first year, we want to hear about it. Example article

  • Community spotlights: We love sharing stories about the self-employed journey! If you've been in this entrepreneurial game for awhile now or have taken a unique path to creating your dream job and have some knowledge to drop, send us a note. Example article

  • Reviews: Want to share the best ways to make the most out of Trello or review a photo editing app that’s changed your freelancing life? Send it our way. Example article

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