The future is freelance.
Don’t believe us? Here are the facts.

Freelancers are predicted to be the majority of the US workforce within the next ten years.


57.3 million Americans are already freelancing. That’s 36% of the total U.S. workforce.


The independent workforce is outpacing the overall U.S. workforce growth at a rate 3x faster since 2014.


Freelancers contribute approximately $1.4 trillion annually to the economy, an increase of almost 30% since last year.

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Nearly half of the U.S. millennial workforce are already freelancing today, participating at a rate higher than any other generation.

One study estimates that of the next 27 million independent workers, 42% will be millennials.


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The Right Resources

It’s a mistaken mentality that as a freelancer you’re expected to “know everything”. Instead, flip the switch and adopt an “everything to learn” way of thinking. This is the mindset of a freelancer. The constant state of learning that will keep you ahead of the curve, guiding your career into the direction YOU choose for it to go. 

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Read these essential articles to help jumpstart your freelance career.

Top drivers motivating people to start freelancing are the desire:

To be their own boss
To choose when they work
To choose their own projects
To choose where they work to earn extra money


of freelancers say they chose to begin freelancing over necessity, with 97% of independent workers reporting no desire to return to traditional work.


of freelancers agree that having a diversified portfolio of clients is more secure than one employer and they have an average of 4.5 clients per month.

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of freelancers say the amount of work they obtained online increased this year, with as many as 20 million of the U.S. independent workforce finding clients online.

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